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14.05.2018 02:59 - The Acquainted Stranger
Автор: olgam Категория: Лайфстайл   
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 Hello dear bloggers. I hope you let here foreigners? Can I write here in English? Let me know, please, because it is not my aim to invade or to break your rules. And anyway, thank you for your hospitality. What I am going to write here, are not my words. I have read them, and would like to share. They sound great. 
We meet several people during the span of our life. They come and part away.  Some of them become co-travelers just for few moments on the highway of life. Among these, are those whom we can never forget even if we try to.  The delicate pinch of their departing, always remains in our heart.  The unreachable-ness always unease our heart.  We do not forget them.  Their memories float up from the subconsciousness, when we are alone in the full moon night.  They are there with the crunching of the dry leaves of autumn under our feet.   May these acquainted strangers take their memories with them when departing. why donґt they?


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1. pristan - May these acquainted strangers take their memories with them when departing. why donґt they?
15.12.2018 19:56
I think the answer is: because we are empty. The prolems, engagements and the "cheap" pleasures of the everyday life hide the "cold hole" under our skin. But when the lonely "full moon night" comes, we are strongly striked by our own emptiness and we think we miss one person or another, or something else. But we miss ourselves. Without knowing who we are we are innerly desolated and we crave for something or someone to fill this tormenting space.
The people and things that we feel most special for us are those who in the highest degree makes us feel ourselves fulfilled. They really make us to forget our emtyness. And when they are not here the memories arise. At least memories for to be the amptiness more bearable...

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