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15.05.2018 18:39 - Two golden rules
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On the East they say: "The worst enemies of man would not wish him the misfortunes that can bring his own thoughts." Avicenna said: "The doctor has three means in the fight against the disease - a word, a plant, a knife." Pay attention - the word comes first!

In one of the hospitals, a young psychologist Emily Kyi charged her patients three times a day with repeating aloud or mentally the phrase “Every day I feel better and better”. Repeating it not mechanically, but as bright as possible.

Surprisingly, but the fact is that seriously ill patients could be recovered within a month, and in some cases even the need for surgical intervention disappeared.

Our health is a direct consequence of human thinking. Nobody doubts that there is a direct connection between the mental and physical state of people.

The best protection against all diseases and any infection is to have a strong belief in one"s own health and positive emotions. Negative thoughts destroy. For example, anger causes diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Offence over time leads to diseases of the liver, pancreas, cholecystitis"

One of the most important psychological laws says: the verbal expression of love, sympathy and admiration strengthens the vital energy of the person to whom it is drawn. And evil and unkind words reduce the energy of the listener.

The total number of diseases associated with bad thoughts continues to grow steadily.

To resist them, we must follow the advice of the ancient sages - enjoy life, no matter how hard it is!

So, the health, life, and destiny of a person directly depend on his thoughts.

Think about the good - wait for the good.

Think about the bad – wait for the bad.

That"s why from now on letґs start thinking only about good things, hoping only for the best.

Take into consideration two golden rules:

Rule one: Do not grieve over trifles.

Rule two: Everything is trifle.

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